Venus Freeze

venus freeze

How can I get firmer skin with Venus Freeze?

Venus Freeze, according to our research and numerous studies, is one effective device for tightening the skin of the neck, body and limbs.

The device uses radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields. It stimulates the growth of collagen and  increase the skin tone and elasticity.

What are the advantages and potential of Venus Freeze?

  • Treatments are pain free
  • Results are superior to what other devices have delivered in the past
  • Any redness provoked by the treatment disappears in 1-2 hours, so no downtime is needed
  • Combined with injections of hyaluronic acid, collagen and Botox®, Venus FreezeTM become an alternative to surgery.
  • By changing the handset, we can use the device to destroy deeply embedded fat cells, enhance definition and slim down the treated area.
  • The inner arm, thighs and abdomen react well to treatment, but we obtain good results on other parts of the body.

What happens during a treatment?

  • It lasts approximately 30 minutes
  • As the handset glides over your skin, you’ll feel a warm sensation on the skin, but no pain
  • Some redness may persist for 1-2 hours after treatment, but you can proceed with your usual activities both before and after
  • A firmer skin will develop in the following weeks.
  • Depending on the area being treated, we recommend a total of 4 to 8 treatments, every 1 to 2 weeks.

Cost: $250

Venus Freeze makes the skin firmer and less wrinkled. It is the recommended device for skin tightening.

Starting at $ 250 per treatment

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