Varicose vein clinic in the West Island

Why choose our varicose vein clinic?

Located on Montreal’s West Island, our clinic is recognized across the region as a leader in the evaluation and treatment of all types of varicose and spider veins. Dr. Lafond and Dr. Mandeville were both trained in Canada and in Europe.

They administer the injections personally. The ultrasound machine and the optical fiber light (Vein-light) can be used during the first visit. It helps locate the deepest and least visible veins, which are responsible for superficial varicose and spider veins. The success of treatments are attributable in part to the use of these high-tech and high-performance devices.

What is varicose vein disease?

It is a hereditary disease. The sick vein valves are not efficient. Instead of  going up toward the heart, the blood goes down, a situation we call reflux. This causes veins to dilate, twist and bulge.

Varicose veins can be classified into three types. Trunk which impact larger veins, reticular which are more generally distributed and easily spotted, and telangiectasia or spider veins. The last two types are the most consulted cases at our clinic.

What are the complications of the disease?

Some complications include eczema and varicose ulcers in the ankles and legs. Others, such as thrombosis, blood clots in a deep vein and pulmonary embolism, are rare.

What will happen during my first visit to your clinic?

The doctor will ask you a series of questions and then proceed with an examination. Often, he will use the ultrasound and/or the optical fiber light to obtain a precise diagnostic and determine the best approach. This step is crucial to obtain optimal long term results.

In approximately 20% of cases a agressive approch like echosclerosis or laser will be necessary. Otherwise,  standard injections treatment is appropriate and can usually be started during your first visit. We strongly recommend that you wear compression or support stockings in the days following your treatment. They will improve results and comfort.

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