Doctor Dominique Mandeville

Born in Montreal in 1963, Dr. Mandeville completed her diploma in General Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montréal in 1988.

Her interest in pursuing a multidisciplinary and dynamic medical practice first led her to obstetrics and emergency medicine, where she developed various technical abilities in injections and minor surgery.

An artist in heart and soul and appreciating beauty in general, she successfully challenged herself to combine her many years of technical expertise with her artistic sensibilities.

Following training in Europe, Morocco, the United States and Canada, she decided to concentrate on the practice of aesthetic medicine and is today considered an expert in the field.

“With all the advances in traditional medicine, people are living longer and want to feel more comfortable in their skin, to have a smile and gaze that reflect their youthful mindset, rather than their actual age. The various conferences and trainings I participated in have enabled me to combine different injection techniques and to use increasingly more effective and safe fillers. Thanks to this expertise, combined with the artistic vision and approaches developed by the best specialists in the world, we have arrived in a new era of aesthetic medicine, an era in which we can literally re-illuminate different areas of the face that have been darkened by ageing. We can do it in a harmonious way and without making people appear frozen or deformed.”

When properly used, and usually in a preventative way, botulinum toxin or Botox®, as well as different hyaluronic-based fillers, can give your face a relaxed, refreshed and most natural appearance.

“Beauty is defined in many ways, but it’s often based on very specific anatomical criterias. For me, beauty is a positive emotion that radiates from the face as a whole. That’s the emotion that I want to enhance for each of my patients.”

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