Rhinoplasty, correction of nose and chin

We often regroup these two entities as the nose and the chin modulate the landscape of the face.

Profiloplasty, the simultaneous procedure over the nose and the chin, not only will harmonized the face from upfront  but will also offer a more delicate and pleasant profile.

Rhinoplasty without surgery or how to improve the nose with injectables

Thanks to the evolution of aesthetic medicine, many non-surgical procedures can be performed to improve the appearance of a nose that is slightly misaligned, a visible bump, a drooping tip. These corrections of the nose or rhinoplasty without surgery are done by targeted injections of hyaluronic acid, Radiesse and / or botox and give excellent results within a 30 minute intervention.

The chin, this great forgotten

Many people have strong muscles on the chin, which create, as they contract, an unsightly orange peel effect, very easily corrected by injecting a small amount of Botox.
Fillers injections on the chin can refine the feminine features or improve the masculine facial stature. A well proportioned and positioned chin also contributes to the enhancement of the jaw-line.

Although certain defects of the nose or the chin require a surgical approach, you could be a good candidate for a softer, less invasive procedure.

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