$100 (free of charge if treatment done the same day)

Neuromodulators: (Botox, Xéomin, Dysport)

$10 to $12 per unit (discount applied if many areas treated)

Forehead$ 100 – $ 200 (10 to 20u.)
Glabella (wrinkles between the eyebrows$ 150 – $ 350 (for 15 to 40u.)
Forehead and glabella$ 300 – $ 500 (30 to 60u.)
Crow’s feet (small)$ 200 – $ 250 (20 to 30u.)
Crow’s feet (large)$ 300 – $ 350 (30 to 40u.)

***The number of units used can differ from one person to another

Fillers (hyaluronic acid or radiesse)

Juvederm, restylane, emervel, belotero, theosyalPrice
0.6 ml syringe$350
1 ml syringe$500 to $700
Lips augmentation or correctionfrom 600$
Circles under the eyes600$
Cheeks and circles under the eyes1500$ to 1800$
Lion lines (between the eyebrows)300$ to 500$
A bunch of other possibilities with fillers
1.4 ml syringe$ 750
Combination of Botox and filling agents / non-surgical liftingfrom $ 1200

****Discount on purchase of multiple syringes

PRP- Plasma-Rich Platelets

Standard treatment or « Vampire lift »$800 to 1000$
Standard + deep injections for lifting1000$ to 1200$
Small hair lost zone treatment800$
Diffuse or large hair loss zone treatment1000$

Varicose veins (not taxable)

Standard superficial treatment140$ (nurse) 180$(doctors) 30 minutes without limit of number of injections or quantity of medication)
Consultation + Ultrasound (*need to be done if deeper varicose vein suspected) 300$
Ultrasound guided foam treatment 250$ to 450$
Fiber optic guided treatment 180$ to 200$
Ultrasound 200$
Annual control ultrasound50$

Other services

Venus Freeze$ 250/session (4 to 8 recommended for every region)
Dermapen $ 300 to 350$/face session (3 to 6 sessions recommended)
Medical peelingsFrom $ 140 to $ 250 depending on need: surface or deep treatment, / localized or diffuse.
BelkyraStarting at $ 1000
IPL or Intense pulsed light350$/session
Rosacea treatment350$/session ( 3 to 4 sessions needed)
Brown spots350$/session ( 1 to 3 treatments needed)
Acne and scars treatments350$/session


Usually from 250$ to 500$. Fees vary depending on the type/quantity of lesions and surgery complexity. We recommend that you contact our receptionist for more information.

  • All prices indicated are for reference and subject to change without notice.
  • The fees will be established upon the initial visit with the doctor.
  • Special considerations can be applied when billing, depending on the complexity of the case.
  • Taxes are not included (except for varicose veins treatment).
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