Minor surgery for cysts and moles

Why remove mole and cysts?

Moles (beauty spots), sebaceous cysts and other skin irregularities may become unsightly or unpleasant.

Dr Lafond and dr Mandeville execute minor aesthetic surgeries for more than 25 years. They can remove those skin imperfections, most of time on local anaesthetic. Our goal is to make sure that the area looks better. Nevertheless, the surgery can also be a preventive measure.

Cysts are often remove before size augmentation and infection because those complications can leave an ugly scar.

Accordingly to the aesthetic vocation of the clinic, our doctors remove stable lesions. They don’t treat skin cancer. Consider seing a dermatologist if a beauty mark grows larger or if it shape or colour changes.

N.B Doctors Lafond and Mandeville are not dermatologists but have the experience and skills to remove those skin lesions.

Aesthetic surgeries that can be done at the clinic

  • Surgery of cysts and lipomas.
  • Electro-cautherisation of beauty spots, moles and birth mark
  • Removal of skin tags and skin irregularity
  • Electro-cautherisation of fatty deposits under the eyes (xanthelasmas)
  • Removal of all benign lesions
  • Repairing of torn earlobes
  • Correction of piercing holes
  • Treatment of aging spots and keratosis

Minor surgery: what to expect?

  • An appointment can be scheduled within 2 weeks.
  • Surgery generally occurs during that first visit
  • Lafond and Dr. Mandeville will explain the procedure and the anticipated results
  • The area is disinfected and a local anaesthetic is injected. Therefore you feel no pain
  • As this is minor cosmetic surgery, complications or infection rarely occur
  • You may develop little bruising or a mark that lasts for few days.
  • We will provide you with simple instructions for wound care.
  • Lafond and Dr. Mandeville will be available and accessible after the surgery

Prices vary depending on the number of lesions

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