Lip injections and peri-oral enhancement

Lip augmentation and injections on wrinkles in the mouth area

Your lips and mouth tell about your age. You want your smile to look natural and to radiate positively. Also, the lips have to be in harmony with the rest of your face. With a younger patient, sometimes a simple volume boost will be adequate. For the older one, a more targeted injection can be the best option.

Signs of ageing include:

  • Lengthening of the white upper lip
  • Thinning of the red lip
  • Loss of “cupid’s bow”
  • Hanging corners of the mouth and bitterness folds
  • Appearance of wrinkles and lines around the mouth

All of these aspects should be considered when seeking rejuvenation.

Treating the lip area

Dr. Lafond and Dr. Mandeville have the expertise needed to enhance your lips, reduce wrinkles around the mouth and improve the perioral region. They will usually use hyaluronic acid.

This area is particularly sensitive and apt to bruise. That’s why we use a mild local anaesthetic and make every effort to diminish the risk of bruising or swelling by using fine needles and/or micro-cannulas.

Your results will always look natural and may last between 6-12 months

Cost: approximately $600 for lip augmentation; variable if including injections of wrinkles and bitterness folds.

Starting at $600 per treatment

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