Jawline contouring

jawline contouring

What is jawline contouring and why you should consider it?

Jawline contouring offers multiple benefits. A well-defined jawline is considered attractive and is a sign of youth in both men and women.
Sagging jowl, pre-jowl groove, double chin, micro-chin, round or unequal jawline, lost of volume or lost of definition are frame features that can be a cause of disatisfaction.
The technics that address those imperfections are called Jawline Contouring.

What are the technics and products for jawline contouring?

Fillers are safe, versatile, long lasting and practical choices for jawline contouring. We use gel injections or threads insertion.
With fillers we can define the mandible and give structure to the jawbone. The jaw looks stronger, the neck slimmer and the double chin shows less.
Fillers can masculinize a man chin and jaw by strengthening those area. It can feminize a woman face by giving the oval shape or sculpting a fine chin.
It can give chin projection to a micro-chin and fill hollows if necessary.
Hyaluronic acid( Juvederm- Restylane-Stylage-Teosyal-Belotero…) is the product usually chosed but calcium hydroxyapatite(Radiesse) and PLLA (Sculptra) are other options that doctor will discuss.
Sometimes botox injections wil optimized our treatment.
Belkyra can dissolve fat tissus of the residual double chin if needed.

What you can expect during and after the procedure?

The procedure is achieve in the office like any filler injection.
It may take 30 to 45 minutes to perform.
Some topical anesthesic can be apply.
Doctor will use needle or canula.
He will inject in some specific area in the lower part of your face.
You can go back to your normal activities with minimal redness and/or swelling.
You can be bruise for a week or two.
Results last 12 to 24 months depending on the product and technic.
To maintain the initial improvements, the treatment must be partially repeated.

What is the cost of the treatment?

This procedure costs between $1,000 and $3,000 and depends on the number of vials needed. We will give you an estimation before.

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