Hair loss treatment

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Act fast when it comes to hair loss!

Quick intervention in cases of baldness and alopecia could slow down hair loss and potentially help you avoid hair transplant surgery. Treatment with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a new technology that’s entirely natural, normalizes hair loss and stimulates regrowth up to 30% (average).

How does the PRP treatment for baldness and alopecia work?

This simple technique begins by withdrawing of a blood sample, which is then put into a centrifuge to isolate plasma, which contains your platelets and your natural growth factors. This plasma is then injected into your scalp.

To do so, we may use a precision jet injector, which is virtually pain free.

There is no risk of an allergic reaction or any other severe reaction. Your own active growth factors will stimulate and regenerate hair follicles.

How many treatments? What about follow-ups?

One session will stop hair loss, but we recommend 3 visits to increase hair density. Learn more about PRP.

Preventative creams and medication

Minoxidil Foam, when applied to your scalp twice a day, helps prevent hair loss. It has a mild formulation that both men and women can use.

Finasteride, taken as a pill, slows hair loss by targeting testosterone levels. Therefore, it is indicated for men.

These medications are under medical prescription.

Starting at $ 800 per treatment

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